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If you are a business owner and you could only read one book this year, Fearless Business Ownership is that book! Written by two practicing attorney-CPA’s and a trial lawyer who have all successfully solved many problems faced by business owners. The authors have also owned and managed successful businesses themselves. Fearless Business Ownership empowers its readers to go forth and operate...WITHOUT FEAR! By selecting the right business entities and putting the owner’s wealth into the proper legal configuration, the unexpected challenges that every successful business owner may face, will not wipe out that business or bite the owner’s hand. Understanding this and exploiting it fully is a powerful uplifting experience for every business owner...and now they share their knowledge with you.

Here’s an excerpt from Fearless Business Ownership:

“Our clients’ business visions were bold, even daring and yet, at our initial client interviews, often the boldness these business owners exuded quickly evaporated; towards the end of the very first interview they often confessed that their need to seek advice was motivated by a gnawing anxiety or in a few cases stark terror. Fear of the unknown propelled them to our offices far more than any well-defined questions or concerns about tax, business formation, risk management or litigation. These clients were not timid, faint of heart or unsophisticated; they were and are sensible thoughtful people who were willing to stake everything on their bold business vision. Often they were succeeding, in a material sense at the time they sought our help, but were suffering professionally and spiritually in the worst way, sometimes with paralyzing fear they were ashamed to admit was preventing them from making good business decisions. Most of that fear was based upon the simple fact that they did not understand how selecting the right business entity for whatever they were trying to accomplish, could so powerfully protect them from claims and lawsuits...”

Wait! There’s more!

If you are a business owner with an interest in Texas operations, purchase a copy of Fearless Business Ownership in the next sixty (60) days and you will receive at no additional charge a copy of Ten Terrible Tales of Texas Business Ownership...and What You Can Do to Avoid Them. Four tales will be about the Almighty IRS and how it impacts a Texas business owner based on the type of entity selected: LLC, LLP, S or C Corporation. Three tales will be about Texas sales tax; those are truly frightening. This a way for North Publishing Company, Complete Book and your authors to say “Thank you and take a serious look at Texas for all or part of your business operations.”


"The highly experienced authors of this great little book offer many practical, cost effective actions that you can take to be fearless in pursuing your business goals without the fear of being blindsided by unexpected disasters. The time to get help is before you need it. The authors show you how to reduce your worry so you can focus on being "wildly successful". This is a must read for those entrepreneurs who are smart enough to worry but not sure what to do about it."
Stanley O. Horner - PhD Program Director, Master of Business Administration Associate Professor of Management, St. Edward’s University, Austin

"If you hope to be a very successful business owner, you need to plan for success a long time before you get there. My new friend Fearless tells business owners how to do that with simple, even funny stories everyone can understand."
Frank Fuentes - Chairman U.S. Hispanic Contractors and President Austin Parking, Inc.

"Fearless Business Ownership does a great job of explaining in simple terms, the complicated and confusing tale of tax, liability and asset protection, and delivers exactly what its title promises…the certain knowledge of what to do to own and operate a business and protect its assets- without fear!"
William N. Hulsey III - Founding Shareholder, Hulsey Intellectual Property Lawyers Austin, San Antonio, San Jose, Rochester